Cutting-edge EV charging solutions
for a greener and cleaner future

Evflo Mobility is one of India’s fastest-growing EV charging station
contractors, suppliers and installers. We leverage our acquired
expertise and advanced technology to develop and deliver innovative,
efficient, and affordable EV charging solutions pan India.

Who We Serve

Our EV charging station company in India serves any and every public/private establishment in need of EV charging solutions across India.
Whether you need public, private, commercial or residential EV charging stations, we have got you covered.

Residential & Housing Societies

Equip your housing society with the best-in-class residential EV charging stations. We’ll take care of the installation, maintenance, and upkeep.
  •   Apartment complex
  •   Row houses                  
  •                          Private residential properties
  •               Bungalows & out-houses

Commercial Establishments

We serve commercial complexes and large establishments to help them be future ready for their members with the best commercial EV charging station.
  •      Office buildings
  •    Business parks
  •        Malls & theatres
  •      Big box retail     
  •                  Hotels & restaurants
  •     Stadiums             
  •     Hospitals             
  •                          Factories & warehouses

Outdoor Locations

We also undertake outdoor EV charger installation at strategic locations for convenient and on-the-go charging options for EV owners.
  •    Petrol pumps  
  •                 Highway landmarks
  •         Public rest stops
  •                        Airports & parking lots

Why Evflo Mobility

At Evflo Mobility, we go above and beyond the limitations of regular EV contractors to deliver best-in-class services for our clients.
Here’s what makes us one of India’s best EV charging station contractors

Open Charging Network

Your vehicle will always stay on the road with our rapidly expanding network of fully automated commercial and residential EV charging stations.

Universal Compatibility

Whichever manufacturer, whichever model, you’ll find EV charging solutions for your bike/scooter, car, rickshaw, or bus at each of our stations.

24x7 Support

Our 5 core operational USPs - Easy installation, negligible downtime, minimum maintenance, maximum station reliability, 24x7 support.

Smart App

User-friendly mobile app to find our nearest Electric car charging station, reserve time slots, make payments, & keep track your car’s charging history

Multiple Charging Solutions

Our range of slow to high power EV chargers and expertise in installing residential, outdoor and best commercial EV charging station can fulfil all your charging needs               

Safe & Secure

We don’t cut corners on customer and vehicle safety to provide affordable EV charging solutions, we just use more sophisticated technology to do that.

Our Business Solutions

Our EV charging station company in India delivers custom-fit solutions across a spectrum of complex E-mobility challenges.
Here’s an overview of how we add value to the EV infrastructure ecosystem.

Slide EV Charging Stations
Our EV charging station company in India installs world-class, customizable EV charging stations at key locations in major Indian cities. Our easy plug-n-charge stations are equipped with state of the art features to enable safe and hassle-free private and public charging for 2, 3 & 4-wheeler electric vehicles and electric buses. We are pioneers in introducing a solar charging station for electric vehicles India, in line with our goal of integrating EV charging infrastructure with renewable energy sources to make the future of electrified mobility environmentally sustainable.
Slide E-mobility Consulting
E-mobility consulting is an all pervasive specialization that deals with every facet of EV charging infrastructure. With our collective experience of 15+ years and acquired expertise in the EV charging industry, we help clients choose between AC charger for EV & DC fast charger for EV, provide expert counsel for acquiring or establishing an EV charging station franchise in India, consult on the financial viability of outdoor ev charger installation, develop a business model, navigate through policies and protocols, project management, strategic advice, etc.
Slide EV Charging Infrastructure
The NITI Aayog estimates that India will be home to 31 million electric vehicles by 2040. Evflo Mobility helps create new infrastructure and revamp existing framework to make it more ‘EV-ready’ and support the massive fleet of electric vehicles India is expected to have in the near future. Our bouquet of EV charging infrastructure solutions is split across 3 functions - charging infrastructure sizing, energy infrastructure analysis, and financial modelling & analysis.
Slide Turnkey Solutions
As leading EV charging station contractors, we provide end-to-end turnkey solutions to EV owners, businesses, government, and housing societies depending on their charging requirements. Our EV chargers can handle multiple charging standards and cover a wide array of EV charging requirements (AC & DC chargers, 3 kw - 350+ kw, private homes to highway corridors). Our comprehensive EV charging solutions include site inspection, station design and engineering, securing supply, permits, test commissioning, installation, maintenance, etc.
Slide Fleet Charging Solutions
Evflo Mobility simplifies EV charging deployment for your fleet, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. Our advanced charging management system helps you track, manage and optimize your fleet’s energy use and performance through a single dashboard. You can get advanced insights drilled down to every vehicle, location, and individual charging sessions. Also, we don’t do cookie-cutter packages; our fleet charging solutions are tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Our Products

We have a wide range of slow, fast, and turbo DC and AC charger for EV .
If you own an EV or a fleet of them, and need residential or commercial EV charging station
installation at your property, here is an overview of our products to help you make that decision better

AC Chargers

3.3 kw to 7.4 kw wall mounted AC charger for EV
Vehicles : Bikes & Scooters, Rickshaws, Cars
Ideal Charging Locations : Residential Building societies, Townships, Bungalows, Out Houses

DC Chargers

24 kw Wall mounted chargers that get your vehicle to full charge in 2-4 hours.
Vehicles : Cars & Buses
Ideal Charging Locations :Commercial complexes.

DC Fast Chargers

50 kw, ground mounted DC fast charger for EV that fully charges your vehicle in about 45 minutes
Vehicles : Cars & Buses
Ideal Charging Locations : Malls, Cinemas, Big Box Retail, etc.

DC Boost Chargers

150 - 350+ kw rapid chargers that fully charge your vehicle in 15 minutes
Vehicles : Cars & Buses
Ideal Charging Locations : Busy Commercial Centers, Airports, Highway Corridors, Petrol Stations

synergy with government initiatives

Our Clients

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      What is EV charging?

      EV charging, for the uninitiated, is simply the process of charging an electric vehicle. It requires installation of equipment that could connect any type of Electric Vehicle (bikes, cars, hybrids, buses, even auto rickshaws) to a source of electricity. And though it sounds pretty straightforward, it is a complex process that involves procuring high quality EV chargers, conducting field surveys, and navigating through a maze of complex, technical processes. So a residential or commercial EV charging station installation must always be done by field experts and trained technicians.

      How to find EV charging stations?

      While a Google search could help you find residential EV charging stations around you, our smart app will help you do that and much more. With our app, you can find your nearest Electric car charging station, reserve a time slot for charging your vehicle, process payments, monitor your charging history with cost, time and distance details, and receive alerts and notifications.

      What do you need to charge an electric car?

      If you plan to do it yourself, you’ll need an EV charger, find a perfect charging spot, figure out load capacities, do the wiring, buy and learn to use installation equipment, breeze through protocols, permissions, and policies, and do a whole lot more. Or you could just get in touch with EV charging station contractors like us! We’ll do the legwork for you, and all you have to do is just plug in your vehicle to electric vehicle charging points whenever you need to charge it. It isn’t for nothing that we’re known to be the best at commercial EV charging station installation, you know!

      How long does it take to charge an electric car?

      The answer to this question depends on a range of factors – your car model, battery type, charge remaining on the battery, the charger you use to charge the car, etc. It could take anywhere between an hour to 8 hours to get your vehicle to full charge.

      Can you charge an electric cars with solar panels?

      Yes, you can. As the foremost EV charging station company in India, one of our core objectives is to make electrified mobility more sustainable. And in line with that vision, we give our clients the option to install a solar charging station, provided that the installation location has an abundant supply of solar energy. Get in touch with us to learn more about this option.